ACMi records those remembering Marie.

At the Nov. 7 Select Board meeting, former board members expressed their fond memories of Arlington’s former “mayor,” Marie Krepelka, as she was affectionately called, who died Oct. 26

Steven Byrne, a former member of the board from 2012 to 2017: “I considered Marie family, and loved her very much. Her dedication to the town cannot be understated. If not for Marie, I probably wouldn’t have served on the Select Board. Her wealth of knowledge, understanding of the town, and a long history of knowing and respecting―and being loving and kind to―people was super special. I’m going to miss her.”

Joe Curro, a former member of the board from 2012 to 2021: “We lost an institution. There’ll never be another one like her. Marie knew who she was, and was kind. She personally knew all the election workers, and brought in teams across the political spectrum, both newcomers and old-timers. She was a mother to us all.”

Dan Dunn, a former board member who served from 2011 to 2019 as well as an interim term in 2021 : “She was so helpful when I first joined the Select Board. Marie was kind to everyone. She did so much for the town, including running elections and Town Day. If you needed to be connected to anyone, she did it. She was also my friend.”

Marie Krepelka is awarded the Paul Harris Award by Arlington’s Rotary Club, 2018. Photo – Ashley MaherMarie Krepelka was awarded the Paul Harris Award by Arlington’s Rotary Club in 2018. / Photo by Ashley Maher

Jack Hurd, a former board member who served from 1997 to 2011: “It was quite an honor to know Marie. She was one of a kind, an amazing town employee, as well as a loving and proud mother and grandmother, and loyal friend. As the board administrator, she was like a sixth member, and not shy to express her opinions. There was a great tribute to Marie on the day of her funeral―the firefighters and town employees were out front, as a long-term friend and employee of Arlington.”

Annie LaCourt, a former board member who served from 2008 to 2012: “I was very sad to hear of Marie’s passing. Marie was really helpful in assisting me to understand Select Board meeting logistics and serving as a sounding board for any questions I had. She was always honest, and I could speak to her confidentially. She treated everyone with the same level of cheerfulness and willingness to get the job done.”

Charlie Lyons, a former board member who served from 1981 to 2005: “She was a valued friend. Marie lit up a room wherever she was. Despite her recent challenges, she was always brave and vital, with a smile on her face. She was a true public servant, and loved her fellow human beings with abundance. She made us Select Board members feel special. Marie had a personality that knew no bounds and had the biggest heart in Arlington.”

Clarissa Rowe, a former board member who served from 2006 to 2012: “She had a will to serve. Marie was a fountain of knowledge, and knew everyone in town. It was fascinating to sit with her and figure out all the family histories of the people she knew so well and for so long. She was a great friend to the Select Board; she was loyal and kept us in line. She provided a great service to the town, and had a good sense of humor. I will miss her a lot.”

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Oct. 27, 2022: Veteran Select Board administrator Krepelka dies


This news summary by YourArlington freelance writer Susan Gilbert was published Sunday, Nov. 13, 2022.