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The Select Board has unanimously agreed to remove one parking spot directly across from Town Hall and to add a crosswalk at the Summer Street/Sunset Road intersection, as recommended by Arlington’s Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC).

TAC presented at the board's Oct. 24 meeting the following two recommendations, which the board unanimously approved:

  • Eliminate the parking spot across from Town Hall to increase pedestrian visibility in the crosswalk. This parking spot abuts the Mass. Ave. crosswalk in front of Town Hall and the driveway exit from the Citizens Bank drive-through teller. To see the report, click here >> 
  • Add a crosswalk across from Summer Street at Sunset Road for Peirce Elementary School. Sunset Road has the highest demand for pedestrian crossing, as it is where many parents and children cross Summer Street. This new crosswalk recommendation on the west side of Sunset Road at Summer has been endorsed by many neighbors and the school. To see the report, click here >> 

TAC also presented the following two reports for which they recommended, and the board approved, no action:

  • An Overlook Road resident requested that the Arlington Police Department (APD) perform periodic speed enforcement, and install speed bumps and 20 mph speed signs, because Overlook Road between Washington Street and Summer Street is now a major pass-through, with many drivers speeding. However, no speeding complaints on this stretch of Overlook Road have been reported to the APD. The request to lower the speed limit to 20 mph cannot be justified because this stretch of roadway does not meet the standards for a school zone or safety zone, and so adding a speed bump or other infrastructure is not warranted. To see the report, click here >> 
  • (a) Install do-not-block markings and signing at the intersection of Mill Street and Millbrook Drive. Observation during the morning peak period (approximately 8:15 a.m.) revealed no substantial queues for the left turn from Mill northbound to Millbrook, nor for exiting Millbrook, and this recommendation could potentially increase delays. 

(b) At the signalized pedestrian crosswalk on Mass. Ave. directly in front of Arlington High School, install a semipermeable barrier in the parking lane on Mass. Ave. upstream of the crosswalk. Studies determine that it is inappropriate to have parking, or even drop-off activity, immediately upstream of the crosswalk.

(c) Add bike parking to the southeast corner of the high school, by Mass. Ave. However, as of late September, four temporary bike racks had been provided near the school entrance, in addition to the permanent rack installed on the school’s front west side.

To see the report, click here >> 

The board unanimously approved receipt of all four reports and to have them be recorded by the board administrator.

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This news summary by YourArlington freelance writer Susan Gilbert was published Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.

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