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In light of the current holiday season, Chief Julie Flaherty and the Arlington Police Department are providing tips to prevent theft of package deliveries.

According to the National Neighborhood Watch, nearly one in four adults in the United States has reported having a package stolen at least once. Arlington police share the following tips from that group aimed to help prevent package theft:

  • Consider getting a P.O. box at the local post office or having packages delivered to your place of employment rather than home
  • Set up notifications to track packages
  • Install a security camera in the area(s) outside your home where packages may be delivered
  • Require a signature upon delivery to ensure packages are never left unattended
  • Reschedule delivery or ask for a package hold when on vacation
  • Research potential home security technology and locking device options to protect and monitor packages
  • Ask neighbors to retrieve your packages for safekeeping until you return home
  • Enroll in the U.S. Postal Service “Informed Delivery” service to get a daily email with a picture/scan of items due to be delivered that day. To sign up, click here >>

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If you believe that you have already fallen victim to package theft, do the following:

  • Confirm with the delivery company that the package was actually delivered
  • Identify which package was stolen and what the contents of that package were
  • Contact police immediately and report the package as stolen
  • If there is a security camera at home, give a copy of the video to police
  • Report the theft to the applicable carrier:

Should you witness package theft, do not approach the suspect. Instead, pay attention to what the vehicle looks like and record its license plate number. If possible, get a description of the suspect to share with police.

Residents should note that, around the holidays, delivery services such as Amazon and FedEx contract independent carriers to help deliver items during the peak season. These individuals typically drive their own vehicles that have no affiliation markers.

Residents should be mindful of these individuals, who are oftentimes mistaken as thieves when dropping off packages on behalf of carriers or delivery companies. 

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This news announcement was published Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022, based on a news release by Leah Comins, who works for John Guilfoil Public Relations.