Arlington via Google Earth: Your Town, Your Future

UPDATED Nov. 29: The Arlington Redevelopment Board on Monday, Nov. 21, began holding preliminary discussions of four potential zoning amendments, which may come before the spring Town Meeting. The proposals and their proponents are:

  • Open-space requirements for multifamily and mixed uses (Laura Wiener, Xavid Pretzer, James Fleming and Patrick Hanlon);
  • Eliminating minimum parking in B5 District (Fleming);
  • Eliminating usable open-space requirements (Fleming); and
  • Affordable housing on nonconforming parcels (Barbara Thornton).

In other business, the board voted, 4-0, to approve the three wall signs, but not the directory sign, at 37 Broadway.

The board discussed a town pilot for a hybrid-meeting protocol, to assess the technologies available and the ease of running meetings in this format.

Kelly Lynema, assistant planning director, has been working with Jim Feeney and ACMi regarding the acoustic concerns in the room. She says planning  also requests some patience from people participating remotely, since this is a work in progress.

For details, read a summary by Steve Revilak, a board member who provides meeting notes as a public service >>

Watch the Nov. 21 meeting on ACMi:

Nov. 14, 2022: Redevelopment Board weighs 5-story proposal for 80 Broadway 


This news summary was published Saturday, Nov. 26, 2022, based on information provided by Steve Revilak. It was updated Nov. 29, to add an ACMi video window.