Whittemore Park
Whittemore Park: The old ...
Revamped Whittemore Park, 2021
... and the renewed, with phase 2 to come.

UPDATED, Oct. 25: The town had planned to celebrate completion of phase 1 of the revamped Whittemore Park, an event postponed to Tuesday, but because of the weather that has been put off until after phase 2 is completed next year.

 In the meantime, the park is open and residents are encourage to visit and enjoy the renovated park in Arlington Center, in front of the Jefferson Cutter House, when the weather is more cooperative.

Design documents identifying work to be completed in Phase 2, scheduled to begin construction in the spring of 2022, will be available for review. Refreshments will be provided by the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, and members of the public are welcome to attend.

From an Oct. 21 town news release

The Whittemore Park Revitalization Project is being guided by the Department of Planning and Community Development with input from a working group composed of representatives from the Historical Commission, Historic Districts Commission, Dallin Museum, Chamber of Commerce, Cutter Gallery, and property and business owners in Arlington Center. The project's planning process began in 2017 and concluded in August 2018, resulting in a design that aims to transform the small green space at Mass. Ave. and Mystic into a focal point for recreation and civic functions, as well as a place to appreciate Arlington’s cultural heritage. 

Phase 1, which was completed this fall, includes renovations to the portion of the park in front of the Jefferson Cutter House, including the creation of a circuit path, removal of trees, new planting and landscaping, renovations to the rail corridor, and improvements to the central lawn. Phase 1 was funded through CPA funds and the Town of Arlington. 

Phase 2, scheduled for construction in the spring of 2022, will address accessibility improvements to the path between Mystic Street and the Jefferson Cutter House. The existing side gardens will be renovated and replaced with new gardens, updated seating, and accessible pathways. Phase 2 is funded through the Town of Arlington and the Community Development Block Grant program.

The town hired Crowley Cottrell to develop recommendations and design plans for the park. Through separate procurement processes, the firm was selected to develop construction documents and administer construction on Phase 1 and Phase 2. The firm is a Boston-based, certified women-owned business enterprise. They are also LEED AP. The firm’s practitioners bring decades of design and construction experience on parks and historic properties to Arlington. 

JAM Corp. was hired to complete the construction of Phase 1 through a competitive bid process in the spring of 2021. The Worcester-based firm specializes in landscape and commercial construction and has extensive experience working with municipalities in Massachusetts. 


Here is background about the project, based on a YourArlington report from last June.

Construction for the first phase of the project aimed at revitalizing Whittemore Park began Monday, June 14, Emily Sullivan, environmental planner and conservation agent, confirmed June 15.

Phase 1 includes renovations of the part of the park in front of the Jefferson Cutter House. That includes creating a circuit path, removing trees, planting anew, landscaping, renovating the rail corridor and improving the central lawn.

Phase 2, now in design, will address accessibility improvements to the path between Mystic Street and the Jefferson Cutter House. The existing side garden will be removed and replaced by a new garden, including a new granite retaining wall and wooden board fence. Construction is anticipated to begin this fall.

Phase 2 will be funded through the town and Community Development Block Grants

For more information about the Whittemore Park Project, visit the Whittemore Park Project Page.

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This news announcement was published Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021, and updated Oct. 25, to note [ostponement.