2018 plan for Wellington/Mill Brook by Weston & Sampson.2018 plan for Wellington/Mill Brook by Weston & Sampson.

UPDATED, July 6: Construction via Cassidy Landscaping of Stoneham began on phase 3 on the project to revitalize Wellington Park and Mill Brook on Tuesday, July 6. The work is expected to be complete this fall.

Guiding the design plan for work is the Mill Brook Corridor Report. Phase 3 continues work begun earlier.

During phase 1, the Mystic River Watershed Association led a community-driven visioning process for a linear greenway along Mill Brook, specifically along the brook between Grove Street and Brattle Street.

During phase 2, a flood-storage channel and boardwalk were constructed, and native plantings and educational signs were installed. That phase was designed by Weston & Sampson and constructed by general contractor RAE Contracting Corp.

Phase 3 will add the remaining amenities recommended during first phase. That phase was designed by Hatch, a design and engineering firm.

The project design includes expanding the existing porous asphalt pathway, installing a bioretention basin for stormwater management, adding an informal exploration play area, installing site amenities like benches and a picnic table, and installing more native plantings.

This project was designed using funds provided by Arlington Community Development Block Grants. Construction is funded through a $325,000 Community Preservation Act Fund grant and a $20,000 Judy Record Fund grant through Mass Audubon.

This project is co-managed by the town and the Mystic River Watershed Association. 

During construction, parts of the park are closed to the public. The tennis courts will remain open through construction.

About the project

Guiding the Wellington Park and Mill Brook Revitalization Project  is the Department of Planning and Community Development with input from representatives of the Park & Recreation Commission, Conservation Commission, Open Space Committee, Mill Brook Working Group and the watershed association.

The project has been informed through multiple public engagement processes -- through the Mill Brook Corridor Report Update, phase 1 visioning, phase 2 design and feedback, and phase 3 design and feedback process. 

The planning process began in 2017 and resulted in a concept to transform Wellington Park into a climate-smart park with amenities including benches, educational signage, and an exploration play area. 

For all other information about the Wellington Park Phase 3 project, please contact Emily Sullivan at 781-316-3012 or esullivan at town.arlington.ma.us.

This news announcement was published Friday, July 2, 2021, and updated July 6, to report that the project has resumed.