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Arlington High School embraces a vibrant community, and just like any varied group, it faces challenges and problems.

Two Arlington High students, Hannah Markelz and Daisy Takang, are playing their parts to make AHS a better place for all. Recognizing their efforts is Rustic Pathways, a student-travel organization.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to be a senior at AHS, is a co-leader of the Anti-Racism Working Group (AWG) as well as member of the successful Heterogeneous Grouping Initiative (HGI). As a member of HGI, Markelz presented to the School Committee and fielded questions about the heterogeneous pilot program for the 2022-2023 school year.

All her hard work paid off when the School Committee voted in favor of the plan in mid-April. Read a summary of that meeting >>

As co-leader of the AWG at AHS, Markelz is also leading an initiative to make scholarships more accessible for METCO students. Markelz states that “working with AWG has helped [her] be more empowered to . . . make [her] community a better place.” She hopes to continue her work into the coming school year.

Takang, also entering her senior year, is an active member of the Bridge Builders club, which works to welcome and support new and returning students at Arlington High. Daisy leads tours and has helped in creating a club that allows a quiet place for students to relax and do their homework.

Takang leads tours for incoming freshmen and is motivated by “seeing people’s reactions.” Takang details that just seeing reactions toward the cafeteria at AHS is enough to “make [her] want to do it again.”

Daisy has also enjoyed her time in helping with the homework club she helped create and is grateful for Arlington High School, as it allows her to “contribute ideas that [will] help students.”

Rustic Pathways says it celebrates individuals, like Markelz and Takang, who “have a desire to help others, protect the planet and make the world a better place.” Both Markelz and Takang are well deserving recipients of this recognition -- as well as impressive contributors toward making a difference at AHS. 

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This news feature by Alisha Gandhi, YourArlington's Arlington High winter-spring intern, was published Sunday, June 12, 2022.