Corwin Dickson is ready to compete.Corwin Dickson is ready to compete.

Arlington artist Corwin Dickson has helped design a Pride-inspired merchandise line for the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF), the home of professional women's hockey in North America.

A series of unique, Pride-inspired PHF designs are available for a limited time at, with proceeds to benefit organizations chosen by the artists involved.

Corwin is proudly nonbinary and part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Proceeds from the PHF design goes to The Trevor Project, which provides 24/7 crisis support services to LGBTQ young people.

Dickson, a rising junior at Arlington High School, expects to be in goal for the Lexington Bedford U19 girls' team. Beyond that, Dickson says, “I'll play for anyone who needs a goalie.”

'Love of drawing flowers'

As to digital art, Dickson has been involved for several years, including work on Goal E. Tender, the virtual mascot of the PHF, as well as several commissions for the Nashville Predators of the NHL.

“I arrived at my design from my love of drawing flowers, especially roses and an idea that had been floating around my head that led to the logos and words on the PHF letters themselves. I expect the design to be displayed in merch that is sold in the PHF shop.”

Dickson wrote in a PHF news release: “My design is inspired by my love of roses and fascination with logos and words associated with the PHF teams. The flowers represent each of the colors on the traditional Pride flag: red for life, orange for healing, green for nature, indigo for harmony and violet for spirit. The PHF crown and letters are filled with hand-drawn team logos and names, pucks and sticks.”

See Twitter @arsonandhockey, for commissions and compliments. 

'Expand commitment'

In a statement. Reagan Carey, PHF commissioner, said: "This is a really exciting opportunity for the PHF to expand its commitment to inclusivity and help make a difference in our community by supporting talented artists and organizations who enact positive change. We're proud to celebrate Pride with our athletes, staff, and fans and continue working at building safe and welcoming environments for everyone."

Corwin Dickson's PHF logoPHF logo.

In June 2021, the PHF announced a community partnership with Athlete Ally, a nonprofit LGBTQI+ athletic advocacy group focused on making athletic communities more inclusive and less discriminatory, and Chris Mosier, a transgender hall of fame triathlete, All-American duathlete, six-time member of Team USA and the founder of They provided consultation on the PHF's updated Transgender and Non-Binary Inclusion Policy that was announced in October 2021 and virtual training on transgender and non-binary inclusion for PHF stakeholders.

"The PHF is a league that welcomes and values inclusivity," Autumn MacDougall, forward for the Buffalo Beauts, said in a statement. "The organization has successfully been able to create a sense of belonging where everyone has a voice. I am proud to play in a league that values, recognizes, and celebrates equality. Happy Pride Month!"

Pride was celebrated around the PHF at games throughout the 2021-22 season highlighted by specially designed jerseys worn by the Buffalo Beauts, Connecticut Whale, Metropolitan Riveters, and Minnesota Whitecaps. Proceeds from sales at benefited organizations, such as Pride Center of Western New YorkTriangle Community Center and National Center for Transgender Equality.

The championship final of the Isobel Cup Playoffs featured a ceremonial puck drop performed by drag entertainers Monica Moore and Kamden T. Rage, and a league donation to onePULSE Foundation.

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This news summary was published Wednesday, June 15, 2022.